Written by Adnan

Calories should not be based on counting but it should focus more on quality rather than quantity. We need to eat such food that nourish our bodies and gain more energy when we are hungry. Different research studies encourage taking such initiatives eating foods that have quality calories, vitamins & proteins. This has the tendency to encourage a damaging connection with food.

We are not saying to pay no attention to calories completely; conversely they are undoubtedly not the whole picture when looking to attain / preserve optimal weight. For us, the key is nutrient density. That is, calorie quality, not quantity.

To exhibit this, we have compared the calories in a fresh natural fruit juice and the same quantity of soft drink, as shown in the table below.

We have integrated profitable foodstuffs for ease of judgment.

It can be seen from this table that calories are not divergent, and it would not be hard to make a juice with very close to indistinguishable calories.

If diet arrangement focuses mainly on calories, as many do, it is not hard to see how we could speedily become very too thin whilst concurrently growing our toxic load. It is the customs in which the calories maintain the biochemical processes in the body, and as a result the quality, rather than quantity of the calories and macronutrients that is most significant.

This is very concise insight into a complex topic – we will be sharing more information soon.

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