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How to Clean Cache Memory of your Laptop

The most easiest way is search the keyword ‘Clean’ in search bar that is appeared in left bottom of latest windows windows. In old windows one has to click start button and than a search bar appears in drag down list, where you need to enter the keyword ‘Clean’.

After putting the keyword simple press Enter Tab on keyboard. There will be an option appears on computer screen that will highlight the C drive with an OK button in box.

You need to simply click OK button and the process of cleaning will get started. After a minute or two there will be another screen with list of names and small boxes. You need to check all boxes and again click on OK button. This time it will clean the whole cache of computer and your system will run fast. This process sometime takes 5-7 minutes if cache is not cleaned for long time.

Same process you can do for Drive D or any other drive on your computer. Once again you have to repeat the same process and select the drive you want to clean. All cache will be deleted for respective drive.

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