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How to keep good relation with people

Written by Adnan

Keeping good relationship with people is the ever best life style in world. In such a fast growing technological world one is bound to do business activities with each other. For which it is necessary to be kind, friendly & cooperative with others. Relationship is a great blessing to human beings in this world. If we were not given this consent, human will be in status of war.

Currently, the world is moving on basis of relationship where interaction, discussion & business are being carried out. This relationship was an education given to mankind by our great Holy Prophet Muhammad P.B.UH. He was the most kind, merciful & friendly personality of the world. He spends his 65 years of life in miserable condition. He was tortured throughout his life in Makkah (City of Saudi Arabia) by his enemies. He never reacted same to their actions but always show patience & remain modest to people. He was very kind & polite to all public without any unfairness.

His relationship with people & his family was gleaming & was admired by all religions & writers. When Holy Prophet Daughter come to her room, Holy Prophet use to stand up for her daughters respect & put hand on her head as love. When a beggar come to his home and asks for some food, so he never let anyone go back without giving him some food or money. When some special personality of any tribe wants to meet him, he always heartedly meets him & stand for his respect. Once there was a person who was mad and he totally lose his sense. He use to run in streets and was much talkative. No one use to neither listen nor meet him but it was only the Holy Prophet who stood behind him and listens to his stories for hours and hours. The followers told Holy Prophet that he is mad, why you are listening to him. So, what a great answer was given by him to them;

No one in Makkah used to listen him, why can’t I. I am appointed as Rehmat-ul-lil Alameen (merciful to all people) and if I refused to listen him, then who will listen to his voice.

Holy Prophet place in Madinah

The Holy Prophet was just 12 when his uncle took him to Syria for business purpose. As he was the prophet of Allah but was not yet announced officially as Prophet but his story was already revealed in previous Holy Books such as Bible, Torah, and Injil. The Scholars of respective Holy Books knew the sign of this prophet. During visit to Sham with his uncle, one of Scholar recognized Muhammad PBUH that he is the same person which Bible has pointed out with some significant signs. He told his uncle that if you want to save his life, don’t take him to Sham but send him back to home. Because he is the same person who will be appointed as Holy Prophet by ALLAH in near future and he will only preach Islam. His uncle agreed to scholar & sends him back to home. The story is long but in short he was known by people of Makkah as an honest & dedicated person.

Even his enemies also accepted his character and use to keep their belongings with him as Amanat (something that is very expensive and precious to its possessor, and is given to a faithful person to keep it safe). Due to his honesty & trustworthy the richest lady of Makkah Hazrat Khadija comes to know about him. Muhammad PBUH was only 25 when that rich lady sent him the massage to take her goods to Yamen & sell it there. One of her slave accompanies Muhammad PBUH & they went to Yemen for Business. It was the first time in life of Hazrat Khadija that young Muhammad sells the goods in high profit & return back with purchasing other goods which were further sold in Makkah with high profit. The slave was surprised to see the relationship of Muhammad with buyers & sellers during business activity. He told his owner that Muhammad PBUH never tells lie throughout his journey. He never cheats any one nor did he keep any bad news about product to buyer. He told everything 100% right whatever good or bad was present in Goods.

This was the teachings left of our Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. He teaches us the way of life, principles of business & set back the policies for a successful life. We are students, professionals, businessman and much more. Our life revolves around the network of relationship with our teachers, bosses, customers and general public. We need to understand the way of life & keeping our relationship true & honest. We can only acquire these good habits by following the teachings of our Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

I will advise every reader to must read the life of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

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